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. % john? >>reporter:: well, penn nationallthe coopany that -úplans to open a slots parllr in cecil countyybut the company till trying to put slots at andarundle millsssays ppnn national is violatinn the law. that's because penn roll the anti-slot ads for the mills. that casinn n hold until voters decide the issue this november. but he company says penn national is spending millionn of dollars dump because penn nationallic also owner hollywood casino in úharles town. and kord company claims that's a conflicc of interest. >> tteesubstantial amount of the revenue comes rom maryland and most of that from andarundle and surrounding counties. so by delaying slots in andarundle county they cootinue to rakeein maryland dollars in west virginia and control tte market. >>reporter: attorney general office is being assed toysh an úpinion as to whether penn national has violaaed the terms of its agreement. meantime no word on whether% slots in cecil county will open next week. this is news at 5:30.%->>> federal agency ree for handing out millions in graat is coming under fire. osha
the campaign is partially funded by penn national gaming. >> it is illegal, impossible. you can only have one license. >> david cordish filed a complaint requiring 10 penn national gaming to stay out of the fight. he maintains voting no on question 8 will be a giant step backwards. >> to get this back in gear, the lawyers we have heard on both sides say five years minimum. that means the five years the state has lost two $0.5 billion because you're starting from scratch. >> bus caught issue was all or water cooler issue. -- the slots issue were our water car or issue. it is time for politicians to keep their word and place the stocks at the racing tracks. into what you promise. margarine rights are run the mills is the only viable place. while anne arundel county continues to debate the issue, cecil county is nearly ready for the ribbon cutting and as first slots parlor. plans for a dress rehearsal are scheduled for this weekend at the hollywood casino perryville. officials for penn national gaming said the plans are still on track for a grand opening on september 30. coming up next, the cast
year at penn state. nittany lie ans, here come the penguins, kurt hess connects with dominique barnes and nobody's going to touch this guy. yeah come on, 80 yards for the touchdown. youngstown state leads 7-3 just like that, what is going on? oh, my goodness. robert bolden starting for penn state, first time joe pa had a freshman at center. penn state back on top 13-6, that's bolden's first career td pass. opening kickoff for the second hal. this is pretty good, folks. penguins kicking to chazz powell. and, well, you don't want to do this. chazz powell fields the goal line, you know what he's wearing here, right? no tackle cologne. he's wearing no tackle cologne, because no one's tackling him here. what's going on here? it's a blowout. penn state rolls 44-14. maryland plays its season opener on monday against navy in baltimore. today maryland hired kevin anderson as their new athletic director. anderson previously held the same job at army. >>> john lannan was stellar in august, winning four games and only losing one. lannan on the mound against the pirates, a team he's never beaten i
birthday. why they can now blame it on their brrin and genetics. >> and celebrity feud.ú why sean penn my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. they're juicier. more colorful. they're perfect. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables, at prices you'll love. this week, enjoy whole seedless watermelon, $3.88 each, and select summer fruits, 2 for $4. my grandfather would be very proud, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card. >> a florida pastor plans to hold a quran burning event.3 saturday september 11th. david lee miller said the white house is very connerned that this puts american lives in danger.3 >> 9/11 is typically marked with ceremonnes and tributes across the ountry. but hii year, a church in florida is going in a different direction. the.gov world outreach center, small church in gainsville plans to hold a quran burning event. which general david patreous warns could endanger the livesú of u.s. t
to delay these lots operation at the mall so we can jointly operate slots at the mall. penn national has operations at the mall. penn national responded saying the claims were not true. now, the battle for slot is being fought on the airwaves, and on the grass-roots level. >> our volunteers and coalition supporters and all of their volunteers are going to be taking this campaign door-to- door, neighborhood by neighborhood, precinct by precinct to get our message out. >> company officials say part of their commitment to the slots next to the malls that is to -- next to the mall is to pay for road and infrastructure growth. as far as the complaint about penn national, the maryland lottery commission is decided -- has decided an investigation bright said -- has to decide whether to investigate by september 16. >> half of the wbal voters in our survey said, and no, they would not mind. one-third said, no, not in my backyard. >> and accused murderer is out on bail tonight and the family of them manny is accused of killing is simply outraged. 26-year-old jeans king is charged in the murder of
be put on hold because of politicc. penn national is awaiting a decisson tonight for maryland's attorney general over its roll in the vvter referendum slots aú aruudel mills. penn national, which also owns hollywood casiio in chhrlessown, to block slots at arundel mills. >> the substantial amount of their revenue comes from maryland. surrounding counties.3 county, they continue to rake it virginia, and control the >> but penn national claims first amendment rights to be invvlved with this particular referendum. >> weel, the official start off3 autumn is going to be officially hot. it sounds like. >> yeeh, here is hief meteorologist vytas reid with a look at the sky watch forecast. what do you say? >> beautiful day out thereú today. pleety of sunshhne. comfortable temperatures in the upper 70s, some lower 80s, south of us. but things will heat up as we go through the worr week. right now clear skies on h.d. radar.ú scan, and there is no3 precipitation out there. but that will change by wednesday night. it looks like we have currently 68 degrees downnown baltimore. 67 in d.c. comfortab
would be in full swing. >> actor sean penn and musician -ycliffe john at odds on helping out haiti. penn calls wycliff a non-presence aa thh nation struggles to rrcoup,,of course from the massive earthqqake. and wycliff said penn is qqote too busy sniffing cocaane to notice his wwrk there. wycliffe john was born in haiti and wanted to run for president, this fall, but is not eligible because he has been livingoutsie last five years. john, however, now said he s preparing for a run five years from now. >> in a very ews like weekend ii was the biggest. ravens have acquired one of the major tormenters, t.j. houshmandzadeh, always feasted on the ravens and now they are adding him to an already imprrssive receiving core. he wassa bargain. seettle must pay him $7 million after releasing him. so he signee withhthe ravens for the veteran minimum. 855,000. pro bowler in 87, he played against the ravens 13 times. wwile with the bengals. averaging six catches for 76 yards. against that defense. after seeing all the damage rot, ú%zie pounced and t.j. >> to go from the situation was in, and to com
at sean penn in a very undiplomatic manner. >>> also the magic continues for boise state. and forget about catching a ball. catching a letter is a new souvenir at the ballpark. you're watching "early today." angeles los angeles los angelba" i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows republicans making gains against democrats in the final weeks before the midterm elections. 47% of voters surveyed said they would back the republican candidate in their congressional district if elections were held today compared to 45% who would vote for the democrat. polling also found a majority of americans, 52%, disapprove of the job barack obama is doing as president. 46% gave him positive marks. protesters contend the man was not dangerous and should have been subdued with nonlethal force. firefighters in colorado are battling a wind-driven wildfire that spread across more than five square miles yesterday. officials say it destroyed an unknown number of homes and triggered the evacuation of 1,000 others. >>> guinness officials have c
for president of haiti. he's in a little bit of a brouhaha with sean penn. sean penn went after him and head his campaign was basically all about a vision of flying around the world, talking to people. jean came back and said that he was -- sean penn was too busy sniffing cocaine to see me in haiti. obviously under the belt there. penn's rep shot back at his comments, found them highly irresponsible and false and that he does not understand volunteer work down there, it's strenuous >> sean penn is kind of a tough dude. i don't think you want to engage him and egg him on. not that wyclef couldn't handle himself but you never know how he'd retaliate against that. >> exactly. >> let it go. they didn't let you run. be at peace with that. sean penn, i'm sure he'll have a response. he's not shy responding. apparently there's a new autobiography coming out for lady gaga, the big pop star these days. she's huge. the thing is coming out later on this month. well, in this new autobiography, the claim actually she suffers from an eating disorde n 24-oldiwuld literally scarf down unhealthy food then stop ea
"rock the vote" and elizabeth murphy, editor-in-chief of "the daily collegian" at penn state university. thank you all three for being here. liz murphy, i'm going to start with you because while the president was in wisconsin, vice president biden was at penn state yesterday. tell us how engaged students seem to be this year, this fall. >> well, about 1,500 people went out to the event yesterday and about 200 or 300 were in an overflow room for joseph biden. so he was all over campus, people were watching for him, looking for the cars coming in and out. it was definitely a sight to see yesterday. i do think, however, it might have been an isolated incident. this time in 2008, you know, we had people coming up to you asking if you registered to vote once or twice a day walking to class. it's just not as prevalent on campus this year. >> woodruff: but you're saying they did turn out for the vice president, there's just not the activity that there was two years ago? >> correct, yeah. we have a good amount of groups who are very much engaged and energized, but in terms of the midterm electi
. >>> three juveniles are accused of stabbing a man during a robbery at baltimore city. it happened near penn station and the jfx. adam may has more. good afternoon, adam. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica. a simple question is what led up to the stabbing. right now two 14-year-olds, a male and female are facing charges. also arrested, a 16-year-old male. baltimore city police arrest three juveniles monday near penn station. they're' queuesed of stabbing a 37-year-old in what appeared to be a botched robbery. >> they approached the victim and asked him for some change. the victim declined to give them any change. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. >> reporter: the victim suffer lad collapsed lung. following that murder police beefed up patrols. >> the officer saw the victim, contacted ems, contacted the police department. we've located the juveniles and identified the suspect. >> reporter: right now police cannot release the names of the suspects because they are charged as juveniles. they are reviewing the case right now to see if the charges will be even
to stop fighting the plans for the slots at the mall. but as john ryyell reports, penn national is ready to move ahead with theecasino opening. >> there are plenty of bells and whistles, but at the hollywood ccsino in perryville, the high tech slots. but the operators arr growing more exccted about next week's planned opening. >>>we are convinced we will have the best slot loor on the all new and top-notch. >> members of the state lots they say this casino will employ 350 people and generate millions of dollars in much needed revenue..3 >> it looks like it is operational and ready to go. it is attractive. what people are going to expect to see, in one of these slots facilities. >> we are one of the first. >> penn national owns the casino has been criticized for its role in trying to defeat the slots referendum at the mall. cordish company that wantt o put slots in arundel county claims penn national has violated the terms of the licensing agreement ot to interfere with the operations of another casino. >> the chairmmn of the slots location committee said he is hopeful that the liiger
club and penn national gaming. but the campaign dree a rebuke frrm the cordish company t has the license to put the slots in the mall but it is on hold. %-enhance your job base., >> at the recent opening of the pro slots campaign oofice in arunddl county, david cordish urged support for slots and spoke about what he calls penn slots refeeendum.erence with the one license fee is not supposed to prevent another license sea from oppning. >> penn national also operates hollywood casino in charlestown west virginia. %-inn maryland dollars in west3 virginia, and control the %->>the cordish company also sad that penn national, that now operates pimlico race course and laurel park would stand toú benefit if slots were rejected at arundee mills and be built at the race track in lauree. >> so the sttte lottery commiissonnis asking maryland's attorney general, to revvew the matter and issueean aopinion. >> it is not a figgt, that state has, you know, a particular interest on either side. what we want to dd is gee the best facts, and information, and be sound on the law. >> but until th
to penn state to participate in a training program accident investigations. the 33-year-old vet leaves behind a wife and two children. >>> aan anne arundel police officer performs cpr and gets a 4-year-old to breathe again. her dad says this officer is a life-saver. alan bayne says he knew his daughter wasn't feeling well. she slept in his bed. she stopped breathing. he called 911 and corporal luke ringler was minutes from the home. he got her to breathe before paramedics arrived. >> he noticed the paramedics, the sound was going away from the house, he immediately called dispatch and told them they were going the wrong way. i'm sure that saved time. >> you just try to react appropriately and do what you'd hope that anyone would do for their own child in that situation. >> brook bayne was diagnosed with croup. she may be release d from the hospital later on today. >>> how about this? b&bs are saying thank you to military members with a free give-a-way. for a list of participating bed and breakfasts. log onto abc2news.com. click on the story in the national news section. that's great.
. >>> plus, onetime haitian presidential hopeful wyclef johns strikes back at sean penn in a very undip ploe mattic manner. >>> forgetter catching a ball. catching a letter is a new souvenir at the ballpark. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows republicans making gains against democrats in the final weeks before midterm elections. 47% of voters surveyed said they would back the republican candidate in their congressional district if elections were held today compared to 45% who would vote for the democrats. polling also found the majority of americans, 52%, disapprove of the diop barack obama is doing as president. 46% gave him positive marks. >>> firefighters in colorado are battling a wind-driven wildfire that went across 5,000 square niles yesterday. >>> the lawyer for an iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning on adultery charges is warning that his client's execution could be carried out at, quote, any moment since the musli
until a problem iih the cordish company is reeolved. ú%w if looks like penn national %-casino opening..3ead with the >> reporter: there are plenny of bells and whistles, but at the hollywood casino in perryville, technicians are still tteaking those high-tech slot machines, but the operatorú are growing more excited about next week's opening. >> as far as the producc that is top notch. >> reporter: members of the slots commission are also ootimistic,,they say this casino generate millions of dollars. >> it's veey attractive. it's what people expect to see in one offthese slots facilities worse penn national which owns tte ccsino hhs bben criticized -or its role in trying to defeat the slots referendum at anne arundel mill's malls.ú they claim that pen national has violated its contract noo to enter sphere with another cassno. he is hopeful that the lingering dispute for the slots referennum at tte anne arundel millsswouldú not impact the opening of this kapcasino. >> we still feel that we made the approoriate decision for an >> reporter: here as kass info hollywooatcasino at per
another stabbing near penn station. this one in broad daylight. they ave arrested keith anderson, únderson, lawrence horton and myself wilson. police say the 3 teens attacked 37-year-old man around 3:30 yesterday afternoon on saint paul street. man was taken to the hospptal. now this happened just over a month after the researcher pit karen stabbed to death ii robbery walkinn home from penn station the recent rash of crime has one communiiy in east baltimore workinn on new crime plan. crimm and justice reporter joy ús here to tell us how they are fighting back by counting on a higher power. joy in. >> call it spiritual war fare. plan to fight crime that% involves church, politician and police. >>>in christ name we ppay, amen. >>reporter: under operation good faath churches take responsibility for the 4 block that surround themmas well as the blook in front of them. it is called 4 plus 1. it ammunts to churches having -úmembers walling these streets on a nightly baais. rebuilding relationships with úhe community in hopes of getting criminals locked up. the newwcrime plan has
, the terps win big against morgan state, 62-3. >>> alabama against penn state. mcelroy it runs the show, finding norwood. it breaks the tackle, that is all she wrote. the second quarter, mcelroy, 14- yard touchdown. alabama takes care of business, beat down penn state, 24-3. >>> navy taking on georgia southern. 1 yard out, navy is up 13-0, and they hold on and win. >>> local teams in action, howard goes down to hampton. at catholic wins. and georgetown beats lafayette. >>> albert haynesworth will play sunday night against the cowboys. that is the word from head coach mike shanahan. haynesworth has been told he would play primarily on passing downs. how long he plays depends on how well he plays. >>> the nationals continuing their slow wind out of the season. at top of the eighth, the marlins up, looking to add more. logan morrison, up the middle. the marlins beat the nationals, 4-1. >>> u.s. open tennis, the finals on the women's side. she had her hands full with clijsters, who was dominant. she wins the u.s. open. on the men's side, semifinal action, roger federer, this went back and f
hager reports stepped-up patrols led to their capture. >> reporter: within site of penn station the victim told police a young boy asked him if he had change for a $5 bill. his refusal set the stage for the attack across the street from the university of balm's langsdale library. >> the suspect pulled out a knife, stabbed him. the victim sustained a collapsed lung as an injury. he was able to flag down a university of baltimore police officer who in turn contacted baltimore police. >> reporter: officers located three suspects. 16-year-old deshay wilson, 14-year-olds keith anderson and lawrence horton a few blocks away. they also recovered the knife used to stab the unidentified 37-year-old victim in the back. a month ago this man who refused to give us his name claims a group of teens also approached him. in the same neighborhood. >> i was on my way home. one kid asked me -- ( indiscernible ) -- two more walked up. >> reporter: he claims one teen raised their arm as if to strike him. >> ( indiscernible ) -- put his hand up. i told him not to do it. >> reporter: the latest stab
a man during a robbery not far from penn station. adam may has more on the victim and the juveniles charged in the attack oar are mrs. arrest three juveniles near penn station. they're accused of stabbing a 37-year-old in what appeared to be a botched robbery. >> they approached the victim. they asked hem for change. the victim declined. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. >> reporter: the victim suffered a collapsed lung, this is blocks away from july's fatal stabbing of stephen pitcairn. police beefed up controls which helped lead to a quick arrest. >> he contacted ems, contacted the pd. we were able to locate the juveniles and take them into custody. >> reporter: police cannot release the names of the suspects because they've been charged as juveniles. prosecutors are looking over the case to see if the charges will be upgraded. >> wjz will have reaction from commuters coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >>> baltimore county firefighters are still trying to find the source for a strong odor of gasoline. derek is in the news rom with -- room with more. >>
much for the report. a good luck. >> we are an item number7 which is still lake. penn -- stow -- which is stow l. >> commissioners, i am the concessions but cheer for the department. i am presenting the recommendations in response to the -- published by department. in 1991, the department and the current concession company entered into a 15-year agreement for the operation of the boat house. that agreement expired in 2006 and since that time, the tenet has occupied the boat house on a month-to-month basis. the department has four times issue competitive bids but we were unable to get a long-term contract for the operation. on december 17th, 2009, the commission approved the solicitation for the boat house and one that would perform capital improvements to the boathouse. prior to the commission directed staff to convene a series of public meetings. on january 12th, 2010, the department staff conducted a key town hall meetings at the county fair building so that seniors could attend. there were more than 100 people who attended the meeting in total. staff met with various leaders regardi
una investigaciones inned penn tiene diente que aclare esta tragedia. en llos Ángeles univision. también en los a ángeles se presentó cargos penales en contra de 33 personas que en actos de desobediencia civil bloquearon calles de la ciudad, en los incidentes manifestantes lo cual retrasó sude tensión lo que obligó a desviar el transito por varias horas. la idea de un pastor de la florida de quemar el corán genera reacciónes, hasta afganistán como nos dice blanca rosa sigue adelante con su plan de quemar copias del corán. >>> los planes de quemar e jem bla res del corán siguen adelante dice el pastor terry jones, en la florida, hemos recibido manifestaciones de estimulo y ejemplares del textos la fogata será este sábado cuando se conmemore el noveno aniversario de los ataques de 2001. >>> los que están en el medio oriente son los que van a pagar, va a pasarlo mismo todo el tiempo >>> esto es lo que divide a la gente e incentiva a la oposición dice, terry jones el pastor d una iglesia del estado de la florida dio 5 razones para hacer esto, impactar al mundo lograr
learned today arthur penn has did. the younger brother of erving penn, he was a director best known for "bonnie and clyde" and "little big man." he got his start in television and even advised john f. kennedy on his televised debate with nixon. but he was with bonnie and clyde that he changed the genre of the crime caper movie. >> i'm ms. bonnie parker and this is mr. clyde barrow. we rob banks. >> faye dunaway delivering the iconic line during her life of crime. arthur penn died a day before turning 88. >>> when we come back, a stunning education success story. could it work here? cation success story. could it work here? if you have, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be u
of their own. james fowler was killed on monday. he was on his way to a trading program at penn state. he leaves behind a wife and two children. [sirens] >> a ban on handheld cell phone use behind the wheel goes into effect on friday. >> kim dacey has the details this morning. she is live on federal hill. >> the law makes it a secondary offense to hold your cell phone while you are driving. now you have to buy a handsfree devices. the best buy in glen bernie was packed yesterday. todd heap stopped by to have people comply, and also to sign autographs. law enforcement's know just how dangerous it distracted driving can be. >> i have a firsthand experience when a family member was in a crash. it was attributable to the use of the cell phone while driving. >> anything we can do to help focusing on the road will make a difference in the jobs. >> maryland will become the banned handheld cell phone use while driving. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. ultrasound made it possible to determine the sex of a child before it was born. now there is gender selection. doctors conduct this throug
penn, who directed "bonnie and cylde" 1967, warren beatty and faye dunaway. penn said he hadn't wanted to make a film about gangster, but gave in calling it a commentary an called it brutal anarchy of the depression. penn was 88. >>> and coming up, ron claiborne takes us to his american town, his home town, where they're creating job was a modern idea. home town. who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. >>> this week, some of us
have more delays in %-karen parks is live at penn station to tell us what riders are saying about the wednesday karen? >> that's right we spoke wiih riders on yesterday's train. and those same riders, got here to penn staaion about eight minutee late. which was not that bad. but one of our viewers, was on wednesdaa's traan. a firsthanddlook at the chaos. >> we are stopped herr at the circuit breaker that is oppned upfront. >> wednesday afternoon. shortly after 4:30.3 on mark 428. nearlyy800 passengers stranded on the tracks for more than an hour. >> it got to the point, fter the first hour, i thought i hope it doesn't go further. >>>mike singleton said claustrophobia started to set in. ú% air, as riders like betty thomas sat. >> i have a lung disease. and we had a lady on there that -as regnant.ú >> pushed a window ouu..3 shh needed an engineer to come in. and put it back in. that's not good. >> a summer of trouble for baltimore. >> we know during the summer months it is hot. train tracks eepand. do not travel as fast aa normal. thht's what we are used to. not the breaking dow
virginia in-state rival marshall. all right. let's go to happy valley. joe paterno in his 45th year at penn state hosting youngstown state.ñr penguins. fist quarter 3-0 nittany lions. connects with barnes. and dominique barnes getting out in front of everyone 80 yards for the the touchdown. youngstown state 7-3 just like that. wow. what is going on?Ñi this is bolden starting at qb. first time he had a freshman under extra. second quarter, finds bracket over the middle for a 20-yard td. penn state back on top. that's bolden's first year td pass. pretty cool. opening kickoff of the second half. penguins kicking to chaz powell. with a name like chaz powell, you know he's going to make something happen. follows his blockers. hits the hole. see you later. a bun dance running on the play. that is impressive, folks. penn state rolls 44 to 14. maryland plays its season opener monday against navy in baltimore. yesterday maryland hired kevin anderson as new athletic director. he previously held the same job at army. taking baseball. national pitcher john landon was stellar in august only losing one
to determine the cause. >>> another brazen daylight attack near penn station. a man attacked during a robbery. and once again, the suspects are barely into their teens. wjz is live at penn station. adam may with more on the crime and the suspects. >> one police officer says he actually saw one of the suspects wiping blood off a knife. a short time later, police say all three of these teenagers confess to their involvement. >> reporter: in broad daylight, just steps away from penn station, a 37-year-old man attacked and almost killed by a group of young teenagers monday afternoon. the suspects who face attempted first-degree murder charges are just 14 and 16 years old. police say keith anderson, the youngest in the group, had a knife. >> they asked him for some change. the victim declined to give them any change. and one of the suspects pulled out a knife, stabbed him in the chest. >> another suspect told police he asked anderson why he did it. his answer, according to records was, he had change and he should have given it to you. the crime alarming to people who walk near the train station. >
they wanted to be like penn state. >> no, it's green. >> but we're blue and white. thank you for watching wjz-13 eyewitness news. >> and have a great day, we'll see you tonight. or in some cases, tomorrow morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
schools? they are in order penn, brown, overland, nyu. is it surprising that an ivy league like penn ranks at the top of that list. >> no it doesn't. penn is in an urban area, a big school. i think they make an effort to be very inclusive and we -- i'm not at all surprised. i think there is a smaller school on there that might surprise you, a new school called soka university of america and it's in california and they are also very diverse, also on some of our other best lists. they are founded on buddhist principles. they are very service minded. so you have these schools that are gay friendly that have a high proportion of ethnic diversity but also socioeconomic diversity which is one of the things we looked at at washington monthly. >> okay. last one to get to the 25 schools stocked with jocks shall we say? nebraska, tulsa, alabama, bates and bowdoin. a lot of southern representation here. >> not only are they big sports schools in terms of the teams but they have a lot of intramural and varsity sports participation and i think that is partially because they're out in great weather. you
on the buses and the trains. >> looking pretty good on the rails. no delays on penn, camden, and brunswick lines so far. light rail is on time. metro subway on time in east and westbound direction. we have a few construction delays on the buses. there is a diversion a white streak and pratt street. there is a diversion at central. now back to tony pann -- there is a diversion at light street and pratt street. >> we will probably see more cloud cover today. right now we're in the low 60's. it is 63 at the airport and in westminster. a bill but cooler up north near the pennsylvania state line. clouds will thicken up as we head through the morning hours. we could see some thunderstorms developing across a frontal boundary. we expected to come through here later tonight. the better the chance we will see some scattered showers or thunderstorms. it will happen after 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. the surface winds have shifted. temperatures will jump into the upper 80's in some spots. we'll see a mix of sunshine and clouds. it will be warmer than yesterday. we have a chance for a shower or thunderstorm
at progressive.com. >> a stabbing near penn station is under in canada -- is under investigation. we're checking bob ehrlich's new tv ad. those stories and more at 11. >> you could not have asked for a nicer stretch of weather. >> most likely, this was beautiful for labor day weekend. fifties' this morning, not quite as school tonight, down to 60 on average rate almost 90 tomorrow but then a cold front will usher in a fall-like air for the weekend. we're hoping that will trigger some showers, but it's only running a 20% chance of widely scattered showers and then back to the dry weather which makes you think about football. >> you are thinking about that before the temperature change. >> but now it will feel like football. >> one week from tonight, the ravens kickoff the season at the new meadowlands stadium -- new meadowlands stadium. >> thank you for joining us. nbc nightly news with brian williams's up next. as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i vote
yourself some extra time. metro is running problem-free. our first check on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines is showing no delays. now back to tony pann. >> good morning. things are pretty quiet for us to start the day. we're going to get rid of the heat. the coastal areas will have to deal with earl. we have temperatures in the mid 70's. 70 at the airport. we have two major players. we have a cold front and of course hurricane earl. earl the stronger overnight. it is now a category four hurricane with sustained winds of 145 miles per hour. it would cost billions of dollars if it were to make landfall right now. we think it will make a brush against the east coast of the united states. earl is coming up from the south and the front will push girl off shore. at least that is the plan. if ehrlich it's their first, it will get closer to the -- if earl gets there first, -- you can see the center of the storm just off the outer banks of north carolina. it should not make the direct hit. there will be some damage to the outer banks. with gusts over 100 miles per hour. then it starts to turn
are diverting at pratt street and light street. marc trains looking very good at this hour. no delays at penn, camden, and brunswick lines so far. now back to tony pann. >> we are off to a wet start again. the focus of the heavy rain is all out in the western suburbs. there is trouble in frederick county. the heaviest rain is now north of the city in frederick. there could be some minor flooding going on. we picked up about an inch of rain in the last 45 minutes. minor flooding is possible in frederick county this morning. we have light rain around baltimore city. same thing on the eastern shore counties. the focus of the heaviest rain is in the far western suburbs. this is moving pretty quickly pared by about 6:15, most of it will be in the southern parts of pennsylvania. this is all part of a big complex storm the system. showers and thunderstorms extend from here all the way into the carolinas. the center is in west virginia. you cannot see it better on the satellite imagery. the circulation is there -- you can see better on the satellite imagery. you can see some breaks in the overcast in
in east and westbound direction. the marc trains are on time on all three lines, penn, camden, and brunswick lines. now back to tony pann. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. things are pretty quiet for us. it is chilly out there. you may want to take a light jacket. 53 and parkton. 54 in taneytown. 48 in fort meade. we have that heat island effect in the city. clear skies so no precipitation for us on our way to work or school today. we are watching a storm coming out of the plains states. this will give a some rain as we head into tomorrow afternoon and friday morning. there could be some thunderstorms. there is an area of high pressure that will take control of the weather today and into tonight. it is quiet and temperatures will make a close to 79 or 80. the tropics are very busy. let's start with the major headline, and that is hurricane igor, still a category 4 storm. it is expected to miss the islands and it will probably stay away from the east coast of the united states. but it will come close to bermuda. there is another storm way out in the of plenty, julia, wh
. no delays on penn, camden, and brunswick lines so far. now back to tony pann. good morning. >> after some scattered thunderstorms last night, things are pretty quiet right now. it did rain mostly north of baltimore. temperatures vary summer-like. 71 in annapolis. 74 degrees downtown at the maryland science center. skies are basically cleared except for a few patchy clouds. there is a big bright full mon outside. we should stay dry into the early afternoon hours. a system will give us another chance for rain this friday night and into saturday morning. the same front that came through yesterday stalled just to our north across the pennsylvania line. i think the atmosphere will be unstable enough that we could see a few thunderstorms pop up in the heat of the afternoon. maybe late in the day, you could see another thunderstorm drifted by. near 90 again today. the average high temperature is 76. partly cloudy tonight. the temperatures will drop back into the 60's to around 70 in the city. i think friday will be the hottest day this week. the temperatures will push into the low to mid 90's on
be surprised at anything from her at this point. >> bikini tartar, thank you. >>> wyclef jean, sean penn, the feud continues. >> the feud continues. it's very, very ugly now. as we all know, wyclef jean had wanted to run for president of haiti. sean penn who has been volunteering in that region for many months since the earthquake fired back at wyclef jean earlier saying he was kind of an unknown in the region and really was criticizing what his contributions might have been should he run for president. now wyclef jean in a connecert changed some lyrics and he said maybe sean penn didn't notice because he was doing coke essentially. i'm summarizing it. you can find it on youtube if you want to listen. sean penn's camp has come out saying there's a zero tolerance policy for any sort of drug use and this is another example of how wyclef jean is out of touch if he really knew what went on on the ground he wouldn't begin to make such sort of claims. >> he said there was a zero tolerance for drug use, did he say this is not true, this is a lie? >> well, that's what they meant. that's what the
attack in the vicinity of penn station. the 37-year-old victim was attacked during an attempted robbery while he was walking on the 1500 block of st. paul st. fortunately, the injuries weren't non-life-threatening, and he is recovering at -- a hospital at or non-life- threatening, and he is recovering at hospital. a 20-year-old was shot about block of the 2000 baker street. he died at shock trauma. no word on a suspect or possible motive. >> after a bit of all holiday weekend with a touch of autumn in the year, -- beautiful holiday weekend without a touch of autumn in the air, summer is back 83 degrees at the top of the our at b.w.i. humidity not too bad. mostly sunny skies, high temperatures climbing between 85 and 90. average high temperature is 81. we will, and a few minutes and check the seven-day forecast and did you the latest on -- give you the latest on hermine. >> the church is sending students back to school with the best foot forward. they gave away schools in addition to school supplies. the pastor says the extra help will give an extra boost of confidence, and parents agree
on the camden line, 10 minutes late. the penn and brunswick lines are on time. we have bus diversity. the 44 bus is being diverted and the 35 bus has a diversion at pratt street. take light rail to have fun at the maryland state fair. call 410-539-5000 for more information. also on the web at www.mta.maryland.gov. now back to tony pann. good morning. >> today is going to be exactly like yesterday. the air quality will be in the port range. we have not had much movement in the air. code red air quality. if you have respiratory problems, you will feel that today. almost 80 downtown. 67 in parkton. the weather map looks almost exactly the same as yesterday. high pressure will give us another hot day with plenty of sunshine. we are watching a cold front and this will be an important front. this will hopefully kicked earl away from the delmarva beaches. it is kind of a race. if the hurricane gets investor, it will be closer to the coast and we will see more of an impact. earl is down to a category 3 storm with sustained winds of 125 miles an hour. this is still a dangerous hurricane. a shift in the t
on the rails this morning. no delays on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. the metro subway is also on time. we have a few diversions on the buses, including the 27 at pratt street. the 35 bus is also being diverted. now back to tony pann. good morning. >> the weather is not going to change from yesterday today. sunny and hot. no weather problems this morning. we have clear skies. you probably noticed some haze this morning. code red. b. of high pressure will give us the key to again today. we're watching a cold front. it will hopefully kicked earl off the coast and drop the temperatures by the time we get into saturday and sunday. hurricane earl has weakened a little bit overnight. it is now a category 3 storm. sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. it may strengthen again back to a category four. either way, this is a powerful hurricane. we have to keep an eye on it. this is the latest track from the hurricane center. it should sweep by the outer banks of north carolina. it will come off the coast of maryland. this could be a bigger effect for the folks in new england. it could hit cape c
on to win 3-2. all you penn state fans, neck said the heisman trophy winner said he will not plan on saturday. still recovering from knee surgery. they are favored by 12. that is a look at sports. >> do you like the redskins sunday? >> i think it will be a tough opener. >> you ought to run with politics. we have a four alarm row house fire in baltimore. no word on injuries ♪ [ male aouncer ] giving ucigarettes catake more than wlpower alone. but today'a new day. for many, smokg is a treatable dical condition. talk to your doctor about prescripti treatment optionand support. an♪ th time, make it yo time. [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ >>> pandemonium in madrid tonight. two panda cubs were born at the is due yesterday. they were 5 ounces each. it will be a few days before they examine them to determine their genders. they are wildly popular and are a symbol of the spanis
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